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Je me charge de vos évènements…
Vous n’avez qu’à vous détendre et profiter !

Julie Charlet
Créatrice de « Festidays » et events planner

Passionnée de voyages j’ai parcouru quelques milliers de kilomètres à travers lesquels j’ai découvert des cultures plus riches les unes que les autres. De l’Angleterre à la Corse, des USA aux Pays Bas, de L’Espagne au Portugal, cela m’a ouvert l’esprit.

Depuis toute petite, l’organisation d’événements fait partie de moi. J’ai commencé par la Saint Valentin de mes parents en faisant de mes frères et sœurs des serveurs de restaurant tandis que j’étais en cuisine pour leur préparer un repas romantique. Il faut bien commencer quelque part!

Cela fait maintenant bientôt 10 ans que je suis dans le tourisme et l’événementiel, laissez-moi partager cette expérience avec vous en me confiant vos projets!



You are the best planner ever!! Made our overseas wedding such a breeze. Everyone is still talking about how incredible you were to work with


I very seldom take the time to construct letters of recommendation for people because I feel if they are competent enough they will find their own way in life.
However, having dealt with and met Julie I am writing this on your behalf not hers.  If you can get her onboard your business, you should do so immediately. Myself and well over 100 people came to France for a wedding and she absolutely 100% got everything right,  from rearranging rooms to suiting peoples personal needs to making sure everyone had the proper utensils in their rooms and villas. I can say without reservation she was fantastic.  She is absolutely delightful in her approach, appearance and professionalism.  She will be a asset to your business. I’m positive your customers as well as yourself will be delighted by her presence.

Steve wartman
Eileen Baynes

It is my pleasure to say a few things about Julie Charlet.  As wedding planner for our daughter’s wedding in June 2017 she was amazing.  People are still talking about it almost a year later. Julie is a delightful person to deal with. She is upbeat and energetic. Even on the last day of a four day celebration, everyone was greeted with a smile and enthusiasm.  I was concerned that language would be a barrier but she speaks perfect english.  We even forgot that english is not her first language.  Julie was so very helpful, organized and flexible.  She made the entire weekend worry free and saw to every detail. We cannot thank her enough for making our daughter’s fairytale wedding a reality.

Eileen Baynes

Julie Charlet is a miracle worker.  I have never seen anyone work so hard, so long, and so diligently to ensure that all details of the perfect wedding are taken care of.  She is the consummate professional with a willing hand and a radiant smile!

Deb Fagan

Everyone here is still talking about how wonderful of a time they had at the wedding and what incredible hostess you are- thank you so much!


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